Smart Technologies


Android OS

Any television set that has the provision for additional programming via the internet is referred to as a smart TV. A smart TV is like a computer system built into your TV.  Any smart TV, irrespective of the operating system it runs on that has access to online information is a smart TV.

An Android TV is basically a smart TV with the extra features and functionalities of an Android OS. Smart TVs and Android TVs are mutually exclusive. Since Google developed Android, all Android TVs are run by Google. Allowing users to stream television content via free and paid apps. Thanks to Google’s ease of navigation, Android TVs have a more intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Android is the most popular operating system in the world, with over 2.5 billion active users spanning over 190 countries.

 Remember that whether you have specific apps and content depends on the device you purchase. It’s similar to when you buy a new phone – some models have certain apps already installed, but others don’t. If you want to download your favourite content on your phone, you just need to get it on the Google Play Store. It’s the same with Android TV.

Here are some of the most popular apps you can get:

  • Video streaming apps
  • Music streaming apps
  • File managers
  • YouTube
  • Web browser
  • Live TV apps
  • Games
  • Apps for video calling


With Google Chromecast, you can cast content to your Android TV.

Google Chromecast is a device that allows you to send things from one device to another. You simply connect it to your TV’s HDMI port and link it to your home network. You can use it to play content from your phone, tablet, or laptop right on your TV or speakers.

With Chromecast, you can eliminate the complexity of attaching other devices to your TV with multiple accessories and eliminate problems with connectivity and lack of synchronisation.



Helpful Tips

You don’t need encyclopedic knowledge to use a smart TV. But there are several things you can do that will improve your user experience.

Please take a look at these quick tips to maximise your Android TV operating system performance.

  1. Personal Bluetooth controller

In settings “Remotes & Accessories”, you can add a Bluetooth controller, and it can be anything you have at your hand, even an Xbox controller to use it as an Android TV remote control. It’s also helpful for gaming.

  1. Sideloading apps

You can’t bring your own apps to the store unless you’re a developer. But you can do it in a different way – first, download apps that will help you use your own apps (there are plenty of them available on the Play store).

Just make sure to go to the settings and turn on the app from unknown sources so the Android TV doesn’t block it.

  1. Use your phone as a remote

Because it’s much easier to use your phone to type rather than the remote, or you can connect a portable keyboard or a touchpad. It will also help with the sideloaded apps that don’t work too well with the remote.

  1. Customized view

Customise your Android TV home screen to see only what you’re interested in. 

  1. Extra storage space

Optimise your storage space by getting additional storage space. You will need a USB drive. Just make sure it’s compatible with your device or TV.

  1. Auto updates

You don’t have to do it manually. You’ll always be up to date and save a lot of your time. To turn on auto-updates, navigate to the Settings.

  1. If you want more hacks and helpful information on using Android TV, we recommend the Reddit thread on the topic: r/AndroidTV. You can share your problems with the community and learn new useful things and tricks from other users.




At Akai, the best consumer products are those which fade into the background and allow the consumers to achieve their goals in a way that is a natural extension of the way they think.


The VIDAA TV operating system is designed to provide a genuinely lean-back user experience for the consumer. Every feature and every innovation we deliver is about making the consumer TV viewing experience as intuitive and frictionless as possible. VIDAA TV OS offers users access to over 200 global and local applications and is expanding its content library each month.


The VIDAA TV OS is available in over 160 countries on TVs by world-class manufacturers such as Hisense, Akai, Toshiba, Loewe, We by Loewe, Newsan, BGH, Element, Schneider, Nordmende, Shinon, Vortex, Nikai, Bruhm, General Gold, and hundreds more.


Over 1.13 billion hours of content are watched each month globally on VIDAA-powered TVs. Chinese manufacturer Hisense founded the VIDAA OS. The interface is a relatively simple in-house platform that gets the job done.

If you're a fan of Disney+, Apple TV, Amazon Prime and other international streaming apps, VIDAA does not disappoint, especially since the latest update. They also support Netflix and DStv. Disney+ joined the service in 2021. On the most up-to-date version of the VIDAA interface, there’s a selection of free content (Facebook Watch, Plex, VEVO, etc.) and a choice of voice assistants that includes Alexa, Google and VIDAA Voice.


VIDAA's navigation bar is home to Smart TV apps and features such as Input, All apps, Anyview Cast, Games, Media, YouTube, Netflix etc. The order of the apps is fully customisable, so you can add and switch up the apps and features as you see fit. Navigation is straightforward, and app selection is solid.

The homepage also provides direct access to all the inputs, including any connected devices. These could be physical or wireless, and the ‘Media’ option supports DLNA for accessing content such as videos, music, and photos on a home network. This is a smart TV system that keeps things relatively simple, but in doing so, it’s very easy to use.


Web OS

WebOS is one of the most comprehensive and responsive smart platforms on the TV market for smart TVs. It gives you access to apps, websites, voice control, and streaming options, including Netflix, Disney Plus, and Amazon Prime Video. WebOS TVs can support voice controls via both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Unique features of WebOS include a colourful menu bar; in specific models, TVs with WebOS have a Magic Remote, which lets you select options by pointing at them. WebOS is a straightforward smart platform that you can arrange to your liking for the most part. You can easily switch between all functions in combination with the Magic Remote.

WebOS TVs use screen mirroring, and you can set it up through the Screen Share app on the TV.


WebOS is a Linux-based smart TV operating system that is set up to allow control and access to a Smart TV's more advanced features and connected devices through a graphical user interface (GUI).


WebOS has a more simplistic approach in terms of UI, navigation etc., while Android TV has its perks like more comprehensive options for Google Play apps and sideloading. However, when opting for Smart TVs, users need to focus not only on the OS but design, hardware, price etc.


Its smart platform remains one of the best platforms compared to the competition. It's user-friendly, and the Remote makes menu navigation feel smooth with excellent gaming features.